CompanyGyuhan Co., Ltd.
Representative directorHiromi Ozawa
Head office

5-1-14 Inokuchi Nishi-ku Hiroshima 7330842 Japan

Ogori office

193 Matsuzaki Ogori Hukuoka 8380122 Japan

Capital10,000,000 yen
EstablishMay 1st, 2019


Head Office

5-1-14 Inokuchi Nishi-ku Hiroshima 7330842 Japan

Our Business

     A5.A4-ranked Miyazaki beef is flash-frozen and vacuum-packed for sale in vending machines.

The Miyazaki beef that we deal in is truly marbled meat.Texture, smoothness and mellow richness not found in other beef. Juicy and elegant.The balance of marbling and lean meat that melts in the mouth the moment it is placed in the mouth is outstanding. There is absolutely no peculiar peculiarity or odor characteristic of beef, and the lean meat is moderately shriveled. Miyazaki beef has a very fine texture and is truly a treasure of beef. Because of its high content of oleic acid, a flavor component, it is also expected to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Furthermore, Miyazaki beef has won two consecutive championships at the National Wagyu Beef Proficiency Show, which is held once every five years and is known as the “Olympics of Wagyu. This was the first time in the competition’s history. Miyazaki beef has also won the Prime Minister’s Prize at three consecutive Wagyu beef competitions.