Hydrogen water generator HYXIA


This is a highly concentrated hydrogen water generator with patented technology. From the moment the switch is turned on, hydrogen bubbles spread to generate highly concentrated hydrogen water. We sell products for home bath use, beverage use, and commercial use for hot bath facilities.

Artificial carbon dioxide spring production equipment


We developed this system with the hope that more people will experience the wonderfulness of carbon dioxide fountains. No special installation is required. From the day you receive the product, your home bath will be transformed into a highly concentrated carbonated spring of 1,000 ppm or higher.

Disinfecting deodorant Shell me

This antibacterial deodorizer is made from food additives made from scallop shells from the Sea of Okhotsk and is 100% natural.
It can be used for sterilization, antibacterial, maintaining food freshness, and refreshing household odors.

Hyperthermia CANBUSTER

This is a thermal device developed by our company.
It is not a medical device and use is at your own risk.


【Adsorbent development adsorption performance testing】


We have conducted a series of collaborative studies with the goal of creating a product that efficiently removes heavy metal substances from water and seawater.
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Inquiries about our products

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