All properties listed here are our own properties.

For fixed-term leasehold contracts, please inquire as prices vary depending on the term of the lease.


We lease stores in the Iguchi area of Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

We are looking for a tenant in Iguchi 5-chome, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture.


We are selling a total of 1,770 tsubo of cleared land on Miyajima Island.

Land Sales Contract-Please contact us

Fixed-term Land Leasehold Contact-450,000yen per month

It will be sold at either of the above.

The remainder will be left for greenspace and roads.

Along the main road, about 1 km east of the ferry pier (opposite the torii gate), about 13 minutes’ walk.

Since this is a national park and a World Heritage site, buildings are limited to Japanese-style architecture with tiled roofs. However, interior decoration is free.

The rear side is a national forest, so no buildings will be built in the future and people can freely walk around.

It’s like my own backyard.

How about a vacation home on the scenic Miyajima Island in Aki?

Since the property is owned by the company, there are no commissions required.

We purchesed this property with the intention of starting a private residence. However, due to a change in plans, we sell it.

Please feel free to contact us for details on the lease term and other details.



View of the site
Many deer are relaxing in this site.
Why not spend an elegant time in the land of Miyajima surrounded by nature?
The Seto Inland Sea
Passing this site, a three-minute walk down the hill leads to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.


We lease a site in Shobara, a factory with a floor space of approximately 3,700 tsubo.

Land Sales Contract-Please contact us

Fixed-term Land Leasehold Contact (20 years)-1,000,000yen per month

Since there are two facilities, it is possible to divide them.


We lease a site in Miyoshi approximately 130 tsubo.

Land Sales Contract-Please contact us

Fixed-term Land Leasehold Contact (15 years)-25,000yen per month

It is conveniently located 1.3 km from Miyoshi Interchange and 1.0 km from Miyoshi Station.(※This is not a straight line distance, but a street distance. Measured by google, so there is a slight margin of error.)

The front has one lane on each side, but it is wide and 10 meters long.