Representative director Hiromi Ozawa

I have been in charge of the management of 2 companies for 28 and 22 years since the establishment.

I have been in various businesses and have experienced successes and terrible failures. I have experience in changing the net of a yakiniku restaurant to a disposable net for the environment and receiving half of the domestic market share. I was lucky enough to receive the Higashikuninomiya International Cultural Award.

I became the chairman of a group company, Shoken Co., Ltd., after handing over the right to sell environment-related machinery to a young president.

My motto is,

・Not lie

・Not exaggerate

・Not cause trouble

・Do business in the spirit of BUSHIDO

I understand that my strong guardian spirit made the best choice in the end, both good and bad.

So there are failures, but I understand that’s the best choice.

Business Plan and Business Description

Business model

In collaboration with a Miyazaki Wagyu beef farm, our company will start a business of selling brand Miyazaki beef frozen in vacuum packs and sold in freezer vending machines nationwide.

-As my age has risen and the business of constantly looking for new customers is difficult, I came up with a business model in which the system makes a profit. It is a strategy to increase the profit to be given to the agent and make it by the number although the profit is small.

-If you install the vending machine outdoors, the service life will be shortened due to rain and wind, but if you install it indoors, you won’t have to worry about malfunction for 12 years. The vending machine has already been completed by Fuji Electric with a device optimized for frozen meat.

Expenses include agent fees, installation site fees, electricity charges, vending machine rental fees, meat purchase and delivery fees.

After deducting all expenses, about 30,000 yen remains as gross profit.
So 10% profit.

1 vending machine is not good for business, but if you install about 30 vending machines, you can expect gross profit of 900,000 yen.
Those 30 vending machines are breakeven sales volum.

It is expected to sell many times more at railway stations.

If we install 30 vending machines a month, in 1 year we will have at least 300 units.
9,000,000 yen per month is left as gross profit.

If an investor lends the vending machines to our company, we plan to increase the number of installed machines by 30 ~ 50 vending machines every month.
The manufacturing capacity of vending machines is 50 vending machines a month.

At first, we were going to buy our own vending machines, but the number of companies that wanted to install them was much larger than we expected, and we couldn’t meet the demand with our own trust. As a result of our consideration, we decided to invite individuals or companies to lend us vending machines.

As for the meat supply, we regularly raise 4,000 Miyazaki beef at our affiliated farm in Miyazaki.

Beef is packed vacum cold at food center and deliver by The beef is vacuum-frozen at a meat center in Miyzaki, packed in boxed and shipped by refrigerated trucks to locations nationwide.
The agent will add it to the vending machine which is managed in small amount.
Sales and change status can be grasped in real time.

Breakdown of Investment/Necessary Items for Start-up

Request to Investors

Please buy or lease a freezer vending machine and rent it to our company freezer vending machine and rent it to our company.

Vending machine can be purchesed in cash or leased or rented.

If you pass the examination of the lease company, you can make a profit only by credit even if you don’t have your own funds.

1 vending machine costs about 1,500,000 yen.

You can have as many as you like depending on the demand of vending machines.
Investors should pay only personal property insurance and property tax (if necessary).

Of course, the ownership of the vending machines is entirely in the hands of the investors
Fuji Electric, the manufacturer, is responsible for managing the location of vanding machines.

Preparing for our company

38 vending machines have been completed so that the business can start at any time.
We have pictures of the panels, boxes of ingredients, special brochures and Miyazaki beef for sale.

Dozens of reservations have been made from major companies and public facilities.

In the worst case, our company goes bankrup…
The most worrisome thing for investors is that our company went bankrupt and they won’t get their money back.
We don’t fund this, so it’s relatively safe.
First of all, the ownership of the vending machine belongs to the investor, and the manufacturer knows the location online.
As it is a refrigerated vending machine made by a leading manufacturer, the demand for used products is strong and it is easy to resell.

The actual operation will be carried out by a subsidiary specialized in this business, but our company will bear the contact and all responsibilities.

Revenue Forecast

Our company’s earnings estimates

During the first year, if you install an average of 200 vending machines, you can earn 30,000 yen per machine per month.
The gross margin is 6,000,000 yen.

The gross margin is 12,000,000 yen per month for the second 400 vending machines.

However, the supply capacity of the vending machine is limited.

How to Return to Investors

For the first 8 years, we will pay a monthly rental fee of 20,000 yen (240,000 yen per year, excluding consumption tax) per vending machine.
If 1,500,000 yen is amortized over 8 years, the depreciation amount per month is 15,625 yen.
It is 16,500 yen including fixed property tax, administrative expenses and personal property insurance.

Investment income
Monthly profit  20,000 yen-16,500 yen=3,500 yen
Annual profit   3,500 yenx12 month=42,000 yen

Rate of interest 3,500/165,000 yen=0.121
Dividends of approximately 20% of the investment amount will continue for 8 years.

Our company will cover the entire repair cost.
After 8 years, the repair charge will increase and the depreciation of the vending machine will be finished, so the monthly rent will be reduced to 10,000 yen excluding tax.
The contract period is 10 years, but it can be extended depending on the condition of the vending machines.

*The insurance comany will pay the repair fee for theft and damage that can be covered by the personal property insurance.

When purchasing vending machines on lease

If you lease a vending machine, you don’t have to pay cash.
If you make a lease contract of 1,500,000 yen for 8 years, the payment amount per 1 month is about 18,000 yen.
Property tax and personal property insurance are borne by the leasing company.

The rent for the vending machine is 20,000 yen, so the profit is 2000 yen.
There is no expenditure, so 2,000 yen will remain as profit.

However, even after 8 years, the vending machines are owned by the leasing company.
You must continue to pay for the lease. But the lease fee is 1/12.