This antibacterial deodorizer is made from food additives made from scallop shells from the Sea of Okhotsk and is 100% natural.
It can be used for sterilization, antibacterial, maintaining food freshness, and refreshing household odors.

Examples of Use

Why can scallop shells disinfect and deodorize?

Mechanism of Okhotsk Calcium

The main component of scallop shells is calcium carbonate (CaCO3).
Calcination at high temperatures decomposes this into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. (CaO+CO2)
The calcium oxide produced by calcination is Okhotsk calcium.

When Okhotsk calcium reacts with water, it becomes calcium hydroxide (CaO(OH)2), a strongly alkaline solution with a PH of 12 or higher.
This strongly alkaline solution is effective in sterilization and deodorization, decomposing bacteria and viruses such as E. coli and O-157, as well as acetic acid and acetaldehyde, which are the source of odors.

Comparison with raw materials commonly used in commercially available sanitizers and deodorizers

Antibacterial Effect

Antiviral Effect

Deodorant Effect

Product Specification

product specification
name of productShell me
useSanitization/Deodorization(foul smell・body odor・pet odor・cigarette・shoes ect)
componentcalcined calcium、water
pH/strongly alkaline
Feature・How to use

◎Spray 20cm~30cm away from the source of the odor.
◎Spray on the surface of vegetables and fruits to maintain freshness.
◎White spots may remain, so please check in an inconspicuous place beforehand.

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