Hydrogen Feature

〇The smallest molecule in the universe=Hydrogen can get into all parts of the body(ex:In the brain, uterus, and capillaries)

〇Not stay in the body even if not used

〇10,000 fold of mitochondria

〇Remove the bad active oxygen and leave the body after work

What is Active Oxygen?

A condition in which some of the oxygen taken in the breathing becomes more active than usual.

For mammals, including humans, a few percent of the oxygen they taken in becomes acvite oxygen.

They are good and bad types of active oxygen. I’ll show you some of them.

Good types of active oxygen


This is the most abundant active oxygen in the human body. Superoxide that cannot be completely treated turns into a bad active oxygen.

・Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used as a familiar disinfectant, disinfectant, and bleach. The disinfectant is a vicious hyrodoxyl radical that is converted from hydrogen peroxide.

Bad types of active oxygen

・Singlet oxygen

Singlet oxygen has the property of strongly seeking two electrons from other materials. They run around the body looking for a substance to stick to, damaging cells. It is likely to occur in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin due to ultraviolet rays.

・Hydroperoxyl radical

It is said to be the biggest cause of lifestyle-related diseases, cancer and aging. The oxidizing power is very strong. However, they often react with chemicals that have no effect on the body and may be excreted as harmless substances.

★The characteristic of hydrogen is that it reacts only with this bad active oxygen and combines with it to turn into harmless water. This water is excreted as sweat and urine.

Three Main Causes of Aging


This inflammation is chronic inflammation.

It’s hard for me to notice, and if it’s inflamed for a long time, it damages the cells and leads to aging.


It’s called body rust, and it increases reactive oxygen species, which damages cells and leads to aging.


It’s called body moss, and the sugar that we ingest binds to the protein and blocks the role of the protein itself.

Effect of Hydrogen

Improvement of blood flow

The increase in reactive oxygen species caused by daily stress and other factors makes the blood clot. In addition to removing active oxygen, hydrogen also improves blood flow by promoting blood circulation.

Also, better blood flow means better basal metabolism, so you can expect the effect of diet.

By incorporating hydrogen, you can improve your constitution.


①Acne improvement

Hydrogen is said to prevent acne from getting worse. The anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen works on inflamed red pimples and suppresses their deterioration.

It is also said that hydrogen prevents acne scars from becoming pigmented.

②Stain and wrinkle prevention

Since hydrogen removes active oxygen, it is expected to suppress wrinkles and spots caused by active oxygen increased by ultraviolet rays and stress. Also, if the active oxygen can be removed, the production of melanin which causes spots and dullness can be suppressed.

In addition, hydrogen has the effect of promoting the production of collagen and giving skin elasticity.

③Beautiful hair

Because the scalp is exposed to direct sunlight and easily exposed to ultraviolet rays, a lot of active oxygen is generated. When there is a lot of active oxygen in the scalp, it damages the mother cells that make hair, and it also affects collagen, which is important for hair growth.

Prevention of a Variety of Diseases

The antioxidant action of hydrogen and its ability to remove active oxygen are expected to prevent and improve symptoms caused by lifestyle-related diseases and aging, such as myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatism, cerebral infarction and diabetes.

It is also good for the body that there are no side effects from taking hydrogen.

Relief of Fatigue

Antioxidants must be taken to relieve fatigue. Antioxidants include hydrogen, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

It has also been found that physical and mental fatigue are related to the accumulation of active oxygen.

In other words, if you actively take antioxidants and remove reactive oxygen species, you can recover from fatigue.

Hydrogen, which relieves fatigue, is attracting attention in the sports world.

By incorporating hydrogen, lactic acid will not accumulate easily. Therefore, it has been reported that muscle fatigue is reduced and performance is improved.


This time, we summarized the information about hydrogen.

The effect of hydrogen may vary from person to person or it may be difficult to feel the effect.

Since it does not have an immediate effect, continuous use of hydrogen can lead to improvement of physical constitution and can also be effective in the fields of beauty and disease.

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