What is a Carbon Dioxide Spring?

A carbon dioxide spring is a hot spring in which carbon dioxide gas is dissolved.

A hot spring with more than 0.25 g (250ppm) of carbon dioxide gas dissolved in 1L of hot water is called a carbon dioxide spring.

In addition, among carbon dioxide spring, the hot spring with high concentration is called a medical spring. (Difinition by the Hots Spring Act)

*The recuperation spring is especially for the purpose of treatment, and refers to a carbonated spring which contains carbon dioxide gas of 1000 ppm or more. (Difinition by the Ministry of the Environment / the Standard Methods of Analysis for Mineral Springs)

Principle of Carbon Dioxide Spring

It is said that getting into a carbonated spring improves blood flow, and the principle is…

Carbon dioxide gas dissolved in hot water is absorbed through the skin into blood vessels. The high level of carbonic acid in the body creates the illusion that there is not enough oxygen.

Blood vessels dilate to supply insufficient oxygen, and blood flow increases.

Diseases Involving Blood Vessels


It is diabetes that causes blood vessel trouble in various organs.

Diabetes is a condition in which the amount of glucose in the blood is high and the blood sugar level rises. In other words, the blood continues to be thick, so it becomes easy to clog.

There is also a risk of causing diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, and diabetic God’s disease, which are the three major complications of diabetes.

About 15% of people with diabetes have diabetic retinopathy. The number of blindness due to diabetic retinopathy is 3000 per year.

Arteriosclerosis Obliterans (ASO)

It is a disease in which arteriosclerosis of blood vessels in the foot (below the knee) progresses. Because of poor blood flow, oxygen cannot reach the toes, and various symptoms appear. If it becomes severe and necrotic, it may need to be amputated.

Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital is known for using artificial carbonated springs as a treatment for ASO. The hospital reported that 85% of its patients were able to avoid amputation after treating gangrene from ASO in carbonated water.


There are two main types of strokes.

-1.Blood vessels in the brain rupture and bleed. Cerebral hemorrhage / Subarachnoid hemorrhage

-2.Block a blood vessel in the brain. Cerebral infarction←3/4 of them are strokes

There are three types of stroke.

-1.Narrow and block the lumen of small blood vessels in the brain. 「Lacunar Infarction」

-2.Arteriosclerosis causes blood clots to form in large blood vessels in the brain.「Atherothrombotic Brain Infarction」

-3.A blood clot in the heart that is carried by blood and blocks a large blood vessel in the brain.「Cardiogenic Embolism」

Aging of Blood Vessels

When the walls of blood vessels become less resilient to the force (pressure) of blood coming from the heart, blood vessels are aging.

【Eating Habits】

Hyperglycemia:Carbohydrates are important because they provide energy to the body, but if you take too much of them, you will not be able to secrete insulin in time, resulting in high blood sugar. The thick blood puts a strain on the blood vessels.

Hypertension:High blood pressure means too much salt. The mechanism of high blood pressure is to increase the level of sodium in the blood and to increase the amount of blood temporarily by drinking too much water to dilute it or by allowing water to seep out of the endothelial cells of blood vessels. Blood pressure rises because a large amount of blood is sent at once. High blood pressure constantly puts pressure on blood vessels, so blood vessels are damaged.

High blood fat:Eating a diet that is high in fats, such as triglycerides and cholesterol (A diet high in animal fat, such as meat and dairy products), drinking too much alcohol, and eating too many calories can increase the amount of fat in the blood. In that case, cholesterol and blood clots adhere to the walls of blood vessels, and the lumen of blood vessels becomes narrow and the blood flow becomes bad.


If you don’t exercise enough, your blood flow will be stagnant, and your blood flow will be poor or blood clots will form easily. On the other hand, moderate exercise increases the heart rate and promotes blood circulation. Blood vessels dilate, which lowers blood pressure and reduces the strain on the heart. Exercise also decreases the blood’s ability to clot. As the sympathetic tone decreases after exercise, the parasympathetic nerve works and you can relax. The reason why the blood does not clot easily is because this relaxation effect suppresses the action of blood platelets which solidify the blood.


If the autonomic nervous system is damaged by stress, it may not be able to control blood pressure or blood vessels well.

① Elevated blood pressure

When you feel stress, your sympathetic nerves become tense and blood vessels constrict. That will lead to an increase in blood pressure.

② Predispose to blood clots

During stress, the adrenal glands (organs) produce hormones that constrict blood vessels. This hormone contains a component that causes blood to clot and prevents blood clots from dissolving, making blood clots more likely to form.

③ Impaired vessel wall function

The three layers of blood vessels, the inner, middle, and outer membranes, are damaged by active oxygen, which is increased by stress.


Nicotine stimulates the sympathetic nerves, causing blood vessels to constrict and increasing blood pressure. Smoking also makes blood clots more likely to form because of its tendency to clot.


When people feel cold, blood vessels constrict to keep heat from escaping. This is a normal body reaction, but if you feel cold in a warm place, it means that blood flow is getting worse due to constriction of blood vessels. The blood vessel constricts and the blood flow becomes bad, and the blood flow decreases and you feel cold again in a vicious circle.

A Carbon Dioxide Spring that Rejuvenates Blood Vessels

There are many things that can be improved by diet and exercise, but “carbon dioxide spring” is said to be good for blood vessels if it is added.

1. Weakly Acidic PH4.5~5

It is said that the slightly acidic water quality is close to the PH value of the human body and makes the skin smooth.

Usually, skin turnover is said to be about 28 days. Darkness is caused by the loss of vitality caused by oxygen-deficient skin cells, which push old keratin cells up to the surface and do not peel off. Conversely, the more oxygen your skin cells have, the more youthful your skin will be. Oxygen is released into cells by the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, in which oxygen transported from hemoglobin is released into cells in exchange for carbon dioxide. That means it takes a lot of carbon dioxide to get a lot of oxygen to the cells.

You can expect the carbonated spring to tighten your skin and astringency effect. Vasodilation increases metabolism and helps fat burning.

It can also be expected to be effective as hair care. Hair that is inclined to alkali with coloring or perming agent can be removed by the slightly acidic effect of carbonated spring. (If you lean toward alkali, the resistance to prevent invasion of bacteria will be weakened.) In addition, it absorbs sebum and other dirt on the head and makes it easier to peel off, removing excess sebum and keeping hair beautiful.

2. Dilation of Peripheral Blood Vessels

The amount of blood flowing in the carbonated spring is about three times more than that in the fresh water bath. The lactic acid that accumulates due to fatigue is also quickly removed by the blood. Fatigue substances that cause muscle pain and stiffness also flow through the blood quickly, so you can expect early recovery.

There are various merits when the body temperature rises by the promotion of blood circulation.

① When body temperature rises 1 degree, the calories burned during sleep are worth 30 minutes of walking. The immune system also increases 5 ~ 6 fold. On the other hand, if your body gets cold and your body temperature drops by 1 degree, your basal metabolism will decrease by about 12%. The immune system also decreases by 30%.

② Antioxidant enzymes work better. Antioxidant enzymes detoxify active oxygen which is said to be the cause of the progress of aging, so it leads to the prevention of aging.

③ You will become resistant to stress. Stress-damaged cells repair faster by supplying glucose, an energy source. When blood flow improves due to an increase in body temperature, this glucose supply becomes easier to supply, and it can be said that a body can be strong against stress.

The heart pumps blood throughout the body. The narrower the blood vessels, the more the heart pumps blood; the thicker the blood vessels, the less the heart pumps blood. In other words, when blood vessels are dilated, the burden on the heart is reduced. This condition means low blood pressure, which leads to improvement of high blood pressure.

3. Action on the Parasympathetic Nerve

Sympathetic nerve:The sympathetic nervous system becomes active during the day when it is active. When the sympathetic nerves work strongly, blood pressure drops and the mind and body become excited.

Parasympathetic nerve:The parasympathetic nervous system becomes active at night when people are relaxed. When the parasympathetic nervous system works strongly, the blood pressure drops and the mind and body are at rest.

The carbon dioxide spring has the effect of balancing these two autonomic nerves. In addition, calming the excessively high sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve working preferentially can have a relaxing effect, leading to the improvement of physical strength and energy and the quality of sleep.

It is said that HSP (heat shock protein) increases when you take a carbon dioxide spring. HSPs are proteins that help repair damaged tissue. As this HSP increases, it supports the function of immune cells such as NK cells. It is known that NK cells are also activated by carbonated spring.


I think you know that you can expect various effects from carbon dioxide spring.

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